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Things We Love To Do

Things we love to do in St. John:




Salomon Beach is our favorite. It is a small beach with a great view and the little palm trees leaning over the beach to lay under. Also, there is good snorkeling on the right side. This beach is a 25 minute hike from Cruz Bay. No facilities. This is where we spend most of our days.


Cinnamon Beach is beautiful with all the amenities. The restaurant is a good place to have a hamburger mid-day. There are lots of weddings on this beach.


We usually don’t go to Hawksnest Beach because it is busy. We also don’t go to Trunk Bay, because you have to pay and this is the beach that the cruise lines take their passengers, it can be very busy.


We love Big Maho Bay because you can park next to the beach and the right side has great snorkeling. We have seen many turtles and tarpon there.


There are many other beaches that are fun. Just explore.






We usually rent a dinghy from Noah’s Little Arks and boat along the North Shore. Usually we boat to Water Lemon Cay and snorkel. We have seen many starfish there before. From there we boat back towards Cruz Bay and stop at several beaches mentioned above. The boat is the easiest way to get to Salomon Beach.


We hooked up with another couple and rented a boat with a captain. He took us to a little island with a couple palm trees that a Corona commercial was filmed. We also went to Jost Van Dyke, BVI. Only a few people live on the island. There is a fun bar in the little town.


We have also taken a ferry to Virgin Gorda, BVI and visited the Baths. This is a very unique place in the world.





There are many restaurants on the island that we love. Here are some of the dining experiences that we love to do.


Fish Trap, Cruz Bay – the fish chowder is great


Café Roma, Cruz Bay – Sorry, it burnt down in April 2013.


Joe’s BBQ, Cruz Bay – the best BBQ anywhere. The restaurant doesn’t look like much but the food is great. Get there early, when he runs out of chicken/ribs, he closes up shop.


On centerline road at the top of Bordeaux Mountain there is an expensive restaurant, but attached to it is a hamburger stand with a great view of Coral Bay. The hamburger stand is not open all year and only open for lunch.


Ship Wreck Landing, Coral Bay – great restaurant for dinner


Before you get to Ship Wreck Landing there is a restaurant on Coral Bay which has a good view and we like it better than Skinny Legs on Coral Bay.


There are many other great restaurants, but these are not that expensive and the ones that we love to go to.




We are right next to the Beach Bar. Good music with a nice bar and chairs on the beach.


We also like to stop in Caneel Bay or the Westin to have a drink. Both have great views.



We usually rent a jeep from St. John Car rental (next to Grande Bay) for at least a few days. They drive on the left side in St. John but the traffic is not bad. With the jeep we have explored a good bit of the island. The jeeps cost about $95 per day, but when considering a cab to a beach will be $6 - $12 per person each way, the jeep might be more convenient and even cheaper. Also, you have a reserved parking space when you stay at Grande Bay D104.



There are many other things to do on St. John. I know someone else would have a different list, but these are the thing we like to do.




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